Welcome to the MM8LevelEditor project


MM8LevelEditor is a tool for extracting, viewing, and modifying Might and Magic 6, Might and Magic 7, and Might and Magic 8 game resources. The eventual goal is to be able to customize these resources, to the point of creating new content for MM6-8.

This tool was inspired by UnLod and MM7View, and almost encompasses all functionality of both. In fact, this tool is an expansion of Sil's UnLod 2.0 Beta tool. You can find the last release of UnLod source at the mm8leveleditor project.

Using this tool requires that you own and have installed MM6, MM7, or MM8 as this tool does not provide any MM6-8 content.

This tool also bundles Java Media Foundation (JMF) for wav file support. http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/ for more details.

The MM8LevelEditor Project is hosted at SourceForge.net, which generously provides all development resources for creating and maintaining this package.