History of Changes


Version 3.48 (unreleased - in CVS)

  • add

Version 3.47 (July 31, 2005)

  • add
    • Added Russian translation (Skraelos).
    • Decoded MM6, MM7, and MM8 creature data.
    • Decoded MM8 ddm and dlv file layout.
    • Fixed bug where MM8 odm files were hitting an OutOfMemory error while trying to load as an MM7 odm file.
    • Decoded MM7 ddm and dlv file layout.
    • Decoded Item info.
    • Decoded Door info in dlv files.
    • Decoded and displayed contained item data for MM7 and MM8.
    • Decoded and displayed room data.
    • Display indoor facet vertex attribute lists
    • Decoded extra indoor facet data

Version 3.46 (July 15, 2005)

  • add
    • Fixed bug where tree view breaks if there were list.size() % 10 = 1 entries.
    • Decoded more of the blv format: Facets, Rooms, general, BSPNodes (with help from Angel_Death).
    • Added first-draft of Chinese localization (with help from YongFish).
    • Added support for MM7 and MM8 odm files.
    • Decoding of D3Object, D3Object's Facets, Sprites, and SpawnPoints (formerly Monsters) in odm files.

Version 3.45 (July 07, 2005)

  • add
    • Created new treeview for displaying resources with minimal memory usage.
    • Switched Dsft.bin, blv, odm, dlv, ddm to new tree view
    • Decoded dungeon bits, last time visited, sky bitmap name, day attributes, fog range in ddm and dlv files.
    • Decoded DTile.bin
    • Decoded odm TileSetSelectors
    • Decoded mapResetCount and lastResetDay for dlv and ddm files (Fenghou)
    • Decoded Map Outline Lines
    • Fix bug where files named differently from entry names could not be quick-append updated. (Yongfish)
    • Improved tree control to better handle lists and partial lists of items
    • Decoded Doverlay.bin, DObjList.bin, DMonList.bin, DDecList.bin, DChest.bin
    • mm7 and mm8 support for DSft.bin

Version 3.44 (May 15, 2005)

  • add
    • Decoded "artifact found" bits in saved game.
    • Decoded item held on cursor when saving game.
    • Decoded Chest Unknown1 (DChest id -- picture)
    • Converted docs to xdoc format and used Apache Forrest to generate website.
    • Decoded several creature fields based the monster.txt file and on MM7 decoding work performed by Transparent Star.
    • Fixed mm6 dlv parsing. (Fenghou)
    • Choosing recent history file now sets title bar. (Fenghou)
    • party.bin, odm, ddm, blv, dlv switched over to using tree display view to reduce memory requirements. (Weiarc, Fenghou, others)
    • Switched party.bin to an improved tree display view.

Version 3.43 (May 04, 2005)

  • add
    • Party.bin decoding.
    • Integrity checking of file formats while parsing.
    • Support for MM7 and MM8 bin files (excluding party.bin and dsft.bin).
    • Reorganized class and data layout.

Version 3.42 (April 26, 2004)

  • add
    • Indoor level decoding (blv and dlv resources)
    • Fix bug in computing new size of odm files (was always using original size)
    • Other resources partially-decoded:
      • party.bin
      • Dchest.bin
      • DDecList.bin
      • DIft.bin
      • DMonList.bin
      • DObjList.bin
      • DSounds.bin
      • DTft.bin
      • DTile.bin
      • DSFT.bin

Version 3.41 (April 20, 2005)

  • add
    • More Event decoding
    • Add/Delete/Move around events
    • Allow save game editing (saved games are new.lod files)
    • Handler for npcdata.bin resources.
    • Handler for dsft.bin resources.
    • Added Monster decoding for odm files.
    • Added Item and Chest Content decoding for ddm files.
    • Add/Delete/Move around 3d objects, sprites, monsters, creatures, items, and chest contents.
    • Improved control for comparing and manipulating unknown data.
    • Minor decoding of ddm creatures.

Version 3.40 (April 2, 2004)

  • add
    • Display progress monitor panel for import operations
    • Provide better error reporting during import/export operations
    • Provide cancel import functionality
    • Select filename for new rebuilt lodfile
    • Rebuild a lod file directly from a resource viewer/editor. (odm, evt, str, txt, and raw data displays).
    • Fixed binary data editor input to properly handle the various display modes.
    • Display offset for binary data editor.
    • Toggle offset display between hex and decimal on offset-column click.
    • Provide user-specified blank cell padding to align binary data horizontally.
    • Display progress monitor panel when loading data to display
    • Quick-update the current lod resource by appending updated content to the end of the lod file.
    • Quick-update a lod resource by appending the contents of a selected file to the end of the lod file.
    • Ability to view any lod resource with Data handler
    • Peliminary support for displaying/editing outdoor level maps (tiles, heights, 3d object locations, sprite locations)
    • Peliminary support for displaying/editing event file instructions

Version 3.30 (March 6, 2005)

  • add
    • Ability to export and import all lod file resources (Thanks to Gabor Toth for keeping me going).
    • Start on displaying Outdoor level maps (Thanks to Richard Johnson for outdoor file format decoding).
    • Fix to display/extract/import all four components of a Bitmap.lod tile.
    • Str resources now extracted as/imported from a txt file.
    • Removed LodEntryHandlerManager code and preference as it's no longer necessary in an open-source project.

Version 3.10 (April 2, 2004)

  • add
    • Files now have consistent file suffixes when saved.
    • TGA and Sprite file types are automatically extracted as Bitmaps.

Version 3.00 (March 27, 2004)

  • add Initial Import (mkienenb)