Todo List

Needed Improvements

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    • localization: sort by targets, IOException
    • Use dataHeader to optimize for MM6/7or8 game versioning
    • Item info order is wrong for last few fields for MM6
    • Display item info
    • Terrain normal distances seem to have swapped axis
    • LightSource Attributes orderings are inconsistent between versions.
    • Light Source controls needed.
    • duplicate/add/delete lod resources and files
    • Show lod file index as part of tree view
    • mapResetCount is probably a 2-byte short with another 2-byte-short field following it.
    • Decode dlv remaining data.
    • Fix control array index # to be adjusted number
    • Show variable dlv unknown3 records
    • Handle offsets in blv Unknown0 data
    • Items in chest control array
    • create decoding table tool and handler
    • decode identified status bits - 0/1 id, 0/2 broken, 0/4?
    • handle special magic in chest items, gold in items
    • decode unknown3 in chest items (item class?)
    • Dirty status for handler data changes
    • lodresourcecontroller instance tracker (especially for dirty data)
    • Add new/changed palette support for importing sprites.
    • Remove sprite loading lookup table objects and read array directly
    • Pal handler imports
    • Bin file handlers
    • Raw file imports
    • MM7 and MM8 level format differences
    • Some events have different formats
    • Odm/blv/ddm/dlv have slightly different formats for mm7 and mm8
    → mkienenb

Useful Enhancements

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    • PageUp/PageDown for scroller in displayed components.
    • Retrieve save panel from application controller for persistence
    • Multiple monitor panel (a la eclipse background tasks)
    • Refactor UnlodFrame into display and control classes
    • Provide separate getData for raw/decoded composite data
    • Have icon palettes as part of getData/writeData
    • Load in multiple-image formats.
    • Write file converter functions for importing/exporting/displaying fnt files
    • Write tests that compute the md5 signature for all extracted MM6-8 resources to insure the basic unpacking code is still valid.
    • Find a better way to locate
    • Somehow find installation directory for MM6-8 and make the default path point to one of them?
    • Create handler mechanism so LodFileLoader can be versioned and no longer referenced in org.gamenet.
    • Create loader mechanism for loading various LOD file types rather than hardcoding them in LodFileLoader
    → mkienenb